The 2023 Australian Open ended with the victory of the Serbian Djokovic, the emotions and uncertainty in each match was evident with more than 900 thousand fans who attended during the three weeks that the tournament lasted. Breaking his own record, where Craig Tiley (Director of the Australian Tennis Federation and Organizer of the Australian Open) declared that “we have not only broken our own record, but we have practically shattered it”. In the women’s category, the tennis player Sabalenka achieves her first achievement.

The attendance figures for the Australian Open 2023 have surpassed major tournaments such as the US Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon. It proves once again that the sport of tennis is getting more and more visibility and fans of this sport.

The exact attendance figure was 902,312 tennis fans who came to Melbourne Park (one of the 4 Grand Slams of the season), which was calculated from January 9 when the Tennis matches started in classification

Serbian Djokovic won his tenth Australian Open

Serbia’s Djokovic lifted the Australian Open trophy for the tenth time once again as champion. So far no one has matched his 22 Grand Slam victories.

On Monday, the athlete Djokovic started his 374th week, as number 1 in the ATP ranking where he proudly emphasized that his intention is to prolong his memory in this sport. Fans this season mentioned that he “resisted everything and came back stronger than ever” and where he mercilessly demonstrated his long and successful career, starting 2023 on a very good footing with a double award.

More titles in the Australian Open

  1. Novak Djokovic (10)
  2. Roy Emerson (6)
  3. Reg Federer (6)
  1. Andre Agarri (4)
  2. Jack Crawford (4)
  3. Ken Rosewall (4)

More “Grand Slam” crowns over thirty

  1. Novak Djokovic (10)
  2. Rafael Nadal (8)
  3. Roger Federer (4)
  4. Rod Laver (4)
  5. Ken Rosewall (4)
  6. Andre Agassi (2)
  7. Jimmy Connors (2)
  8. Stan Wawrinka (2)

Sabalenka wins with a 51-pitch offensive where she gets her first major prize.

Sabalenka the Belarusian tennis player left everything on the court and won her first major prize, and excitedly and with the trophy in her hand she said “now I respect myself more”.

This Saturday 29 during the final of the Australian Open, the tennis player Sabalenka with the strength that characterizes her found the prize of her dreams, where she was moved and cried after achieving what she so longed for. We can safely say that few tennis players have shown as much interest as she has in recent years. Where we saw that when she had the trophy in her hands, she didn’t even believe it herself. She bit into it to see if it was real and after being aware of the win and being this year’s winner, she lifted the trophy into the Melbourne sky.

Men’s Individual Classifications

The rounds of the men’s singles tennis matches left more than one fan in awe, where they had the opportunity to witness all the energy and strength of each tennis player during their presentation.

Matches like T.Paul, Tsitsipas, Djokovic and K. Khachanov kept the fans excited and with the uncertainty of who would manage to lift the 2023 Australian Open trophy.

In the first week, we had the opportunity to witness 15 qualifying matches where French tennis player Enzo Couacaud stood out in his matches coming out victorious.

In the second week, the rounds began with 20 matches where the Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal emerged victorious from his first match at the Australian Open. And, the Greek player Tsitsipas won after a hard-fought tennis match where uncertainty and excitement remained in the spectators.

The last week started with the tennis quarter-finals, where only the best tennis players in the world remained. A cruel battle to see who advanced and won the prestigious big tournament of this sport that we love so much, tennis.

The matches of the American T.Paul had a lot of energy and strength, where he unfortunately did not reach the final, losing against the Serbian tennis player Djokovic, who had the opportunity to be in the final with Tsitsipas being the winner for tenth time of the Australian Open 2023.


Women’s Individual Classifications

The women’s singles category had the opportunity to leave more than one fan speechless by witnessing the strength and energy that the women have on the court. It was clear from the start how eager all the athletes were to achieve their goal: to be the lucky tennis player to win the 2023 Australian Open.


During the first week, the classification was played where the American tennis player C. Vandeweghe stood out on the court with her rival Yuriko Miyazaki.

In the second week, the rounds of 20 matches began, where the player Sabalenka was undoubtedly one of the favorites of the public where she was seen with energy and the desire to get her first big prize.

The third week started with the quarter finals. Another battle where each sweated it out and played their best game to advance to the 2023 Australian Open final.

Tennis player Rybakina, one of the public’s favourites, managed with a lot of dedication and unparalleled victories to reach the end and compete with the Belarusian tennis player Sabalenka, where unfortunately she had no chance to win against the strength and energy of the tennis player.

Undoubtedly, the athlete Sabalenka made it clear from the beginning that she would be the lucky winner of the Australian Open 2023, achieving her first major championship. Where he indicated to the press that he would continue to fight to achieve all the goals he has in mind.

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