The types of paddle paddles they are multiple. However, there are three main models that stand out compared to the rest. However, when it comes to choosing the best one, you need to consider different aspects. The shapes and sizes are different to begin with. In addition, some offer more control and others, more power.

It all has to do with each player’s preferences. A professional player may spend more time studying the perfect paddle. However, the hobbyist may use either. Either way, whether it’s diamond, teardrop or round, each blade has unique qualities.

For all this, in the following article we want to show you the difference between these three types of paddle paddles. Read on if you want to select the one that best suits your needs.

Main characteristics of a paddle paddle

The enormous variety of paddle paddles out there makes it difficult to define some specific qualities. Even so far, the Spanish federated bodies do not agree on this issue.

Currently, the regulation on the types of paddle paddles approved for competition is based on size, thickness and width. In other words, dimensions are important. However, there is no regulation on the weight or materials used for manufacturing. Its most important characteristics are:


Regarding the measures, the Spanish Padel Federation defined specific dimensions for the tournaments. the shovels they must be no more than 45.5 centimeters long, 38 millimeters thick and 25 centimeters wide. Although there is no limit to the number of holes in the center of the blade, the sizes must be between 9 and 13 mm.

On the other hand, the area of the padel blade that covers the center cannot be larger than 4 centimeters. These are the most important features of the types of paddle blades acceptable in competitions. In this sense, most models available on the market meet these qualities.


There are a lot of issues that remain in limbo about these blades such as, for example, the weight. This is what allows there to be a distinction between many types of paddles to practice padel. In fact, there are paddle options that are more useful in the professional realm, while others are for amateur players.

Weight is one of the most relevant issues when it comes to a competition. Professional shovels have more weight. The purpose of this is that the stroke generates more power.

Coping surface

Regarding the hitting surface, there are different types of blades such as flat, grooved or rough, among others. As in the previous case, the type of spade has to do with the purpose of the game. That is, if it is used for professional or amateur practices. The purpose of the variety of surfaces is to generate a different effect on the ball.


Another feature that adds diversity to paddle paddles are the materials they are made from. Manufacturers currently use titanium fiber, graphite, glass, carbon, etc. In addition, other materials are included that improve, in certain aspects, the sport, such as better impact power and design to reduce the risk of arm injuries.

Which paddle blade shape is best?

As we highlighted before, there are countless types of paddle paddles. However, each has different attributes. On this occasion, we will be talking only about the diamond, round and teardrop blades.

The first thing you have to be clear about is that there is no such thing as the perfect paddle paddle. What exists are paddles with unique characteristics that provide better exercise in certain plays. Depending on the shape of the head, the paddle may be more useful for one player or another. Let’s look at the qualities of each type of shovel.

Diamond shaped shovel

This type of paddle is perfect for those who have a quality volley. In addition, it is recommended if you use a classic grip to have the head of the shovel always elevated. The stroke that comes out best with a diamond-shaped shovel is the flat finish .

This, however, depends on good wrist pronation. Likewise, hitting the ball at the highest point is vital. With this, the highest height of the ball is achieved after hitting the back wall.

When you buy this type of shovel, it is advisable that the weight is less than usual. Well, the blade usually tilts slightly when the balance is mobilized towards the high area of the head of the blade.


  • Quality Report : The number 1 reason why players use this paddle among all types of paddle paddles is the service it provides on the track. It provides an outstanding presentation. Offensive shots (finishes) are excellent because of the leverage effect.


  • High balance: the weight is distributed towards the head of the blade. This allows the balance to be high. The consequence of this type of balance is that the shovel is less manageable. This in the long term, leads to arm injuries if there is not enough training.
  • Reduced sweet spot: The sweet spot is smaller compared to other paddles. On the other hand, it is not located in the center of the blade, but is oriented slightly towards the head. This prevents a quick adaptation to the use of the shovel.

Round shovel

If you’re looking for more control, this is a good option. Swing is perhaps the greatest attribute of this type of paddle. They are balanced to perfection which adds comfort during their use. The ball strike is accurate, so you don’t have to worry about the ball going straight to the back wall.

However, it should be mentioned that power is not its strong point. In the case of finishing strokes, you need to hold the shovel very well. Even more so on the volley and flat tray shots.


  • Low balance : the weight of these types of paddle blades it moves more in the grip than in the rest of the blade. Because of this, the balance is usually low. This type of balance results in a shovel with great handling. No problems with arm injuries and avoids loads.
  • Wide sweet spot: The sweet spot of the round blade is wide compared to diamond or teardrop blades. The advantage of this is the opportunity to return balls to the opposite court without any problems.
  • Safety and comfort: This type of paddle is perfect for those looking to play comfortably and safely. The shovel can be moved easily.


  • Low power : the lifting power in finishing strokes is quite poor compared to other types of paddle blades. This means that they are not as effective when it comes to offensive play.

    Teardrop shovel

    It is also known as a pear-shaped shovel. Their most important characteristic is the evolution they have had over time. The reason is simple: this blade shape combines diamond-shaped blades with round blades .

    What does it mean? In simple words, it is possible to benefit from both types of paddle blades. However, it is important to note that a level of perfection is not achieved despite this combination. As we have already explained before, it all has to do with the needs of the game.


    • High performance : This is one of the types of paddle paddles which offers more benefits. On the court she is really good and stands out for her excellent exercise. This benefit is much greater if the game is offensively focused.
    • Convenience: If you want a shovel with more power than the round shaped shovel, but comfortable, this is perfect. When you’ve mastered all the paddle movements for pleasure, these paddles are ideal for making a good stroke.


    • Intermediate sweet spot: the blade offers a larger finishing surface than diamond blades. However, the surface is not as wide as the round blade. This can be a disadvantage for some players.
    • Interim balance: its balance is smaller than the diamond shovel and larger than the round one. In other words, the shovel is much more manageable than diamond shovels. However, it offers less maneuverability than round paddles.


      After analyzing the types of paddle paddles, it should be emphasized that the best option depends on each player. All have various advantages and disadvantages. In addition, they have specific attributes that suit different modes of the game. In any case, it is important to choose correctly based on the needs of the player.

      If you need advice or want to make a query related to the most suitable paddle blade for you, do not hesitate to contact us.